April 2017 Activities

Pitter patter rain drops falling from the sky, here's my umbrella hold it high. When the rain is over and the sun begins to glow, little flowers start to bud, then grow, grow, grow!

April Showers

All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Wow!  March was a whirlwind of activity and the children absolutely loved the adventures they went on.  April is shaping up to be the same as we gear up for our Easter celebrations and we would like to wish all of our Nursery Family, both past and present, a very happy and peaceful Easter time.  

PRE-SCHOOL'S emotion for the month is......confused.

Week Commencing 3rd April

It’s Shape Week!  We will be focusing on shape names and what they look like through circle games such as ‘match the shape fan to the shape’.  To make shapes fun, the children will be seeking out shapes within our environment by way of a shape hunt around the Pre-School Room and to finish off the week, we will be creating a big Easter Bunny using the shapes we have looked at through the week. 

Week Commencing 10th April

Easter activities will be taking place throughout the week.  We will be counting how many Easter Bunny’s we can find in the garden, decorating boiled eggs and making Easter treats to take home to enjoy on Easter Sunday.

Week Commencing 17th April

Show and Tell Week.  The children will be encouraged to bring one item of their choice into Nursery for each of their sessions to talk about at circle time.  This is to encourage and support children’s communication and confidence whilst also giving Practitioner’s the opportunity to take children’s interests into consideration to adapt into your child’s individual planning.  

Week Commencing 24th April

Numbers Week.  We will be looking at the numbers 1 – 10 by taking part in a giant hopscotch as well as experimenting with symbols and marks representing ideas of numbers.  As the children really enjoyed the cereal stacker game to make comparisons between quantities, we will be revisiting this activity throughout the week.  

TODDLER ROOM's theme for the month will be......Spring / Easter


We will be decorating hard boiled eggs and looking at the different colours, shapes and patterns (age 22-36 months – notices simple shapes and patterns).  We will also be using various shapes to create egg jigsaws (age 30-50 months – shows an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes).  The children will be measuring their height, feet and hands etc through our Toddler Room Growth Chart. 


Our Books of the Month will be The Hungry Caterpillar, Jack & the Beanstalk and Oh Dylan! to support the children in repeating words and phrases from familiar stories (22-36 months).  Our creative activities will include looking at various flowers and springtime plants to have a go at drawing/paining some of our own which gives meaning to the marks as they draw or paint (22-36 months). 

Understanding the World

The Toddlers are off to Witton Park to collect objects of interest for our sensory area.  This supports the children in looking at the environment/weather (22-36 months – notices detailed features in their environment) and encourages the children to comment and ask questions about the familiar world such as places where they live or the natural world.  


Creating our own planting area and encourage the children to look after their area through watering the plants and keeping things tidy – shows control in using jugs to pour and using one handed tools/equipment. 


Beginning to ask simple questions about their environment which supports learning new words and allows the children to use them in communicating. 

Art and Design

Use objects collected from walk to talk about and describe.  Experiment with colours, blocks and marks for Easter cards and gifts.  We will also be decorating our own Easter eggs and taking part in flower/leaf printing.  

BABY ROOM'S theme for the month will be.............Easter

Welcome back to Miss Kellie in the Baby Room following her extended absence recovering from foot surgery.  With Miss Kellie’s return, comes the continued love of baking with the Babies and throughout the month tasty and healthy Easter cakes and treats will be made and consumed!

The Babies have been demonstrating a desire to help with dressing/undressing and hygiene routines; this will be supported by giving our little geniuses the opportunity to practice this during meal times as children are encouraged to have a go at feeding themselves and through good hygiene practices. 

Sensory experiences will include our ‘touchie feelie’ trays which include lots of different sizes and textures.  This will encourage children’s fine motor skills as they develop new skills like holding small objects between their thumb and fingers.

The Babies will be using the soft play and outdoor play equipment to develop their gross motor skills as they learn to crawl over obstacles and climb confidently.

Our bunny jigsaws will give the Babies opportunities to locate eyes, mouth, ears and nose as children select familiar objects by name.  This will help to develop children’s listening and understanding, offering the younger children a range of new words and providing the older children with an opportunity to consolidate their learning. 

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Happy Easter