August 2016 Activities

It's summer time.....enjoy the little things.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

The theme for this month is Summer Holidays and nothing goes better with summer sunshine than ice cream. The children will be looking at how ice cream is made and weather permitting, enjoying some tasty treats in the garden.


In honour of the upcoming Games, the children will be making their own Olympic torch to carry in readiness for the Opening Ceremony in Rio and also taking part in various sporting activities throughout the duration of the tournament. The Olympic Games will be used to teach the children about sharing and rules whilst having fun and exercising. Everyone is invited to come dressed in sports attire and solid shoes throughout the Olympics to make the most of the activities we have planned.

Creativity plays a part in celebrating the Games and the children will be making their own medals to wear as well as designing flags to represent all of the different countries that will be taking part.

As the Games draw to a close, we will be holding a Sport Day, playing traditional games such as bean bag balance, egg and spoon race and team relay races. We will also be holding our own Closing Ceremony with a party to celebrate, prizes and certificates for everyone.

For our younger children, we will be celebrating Wiggle Your Toes Day on 8th August which will give them opportunities to explore different textures with their toes.

As 22nd August is National Tooth Fairy Day, we will be using our resource box to teach the children about the benefits of good oral hygiene and watching an online story called "Visit the Dentist with Marty".

Enjoy the summer and lets hope the sun comes out to play!