August 2018 Activities

It's festival season!


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

We start the month with:

Our Camp Fire Day on 3rd August and all rooms will be taking on an outdoor theme.  Preschool will be constructing tents and building their own camp fires in the garden to role play their camping experience.  The Toddlers and Babies will be exploring the great outdoors to find natural resources such as sticks and leaves to then use for creative artwork. 

Week Commencing 6th August

Throughout the week we will be inviting the children to bring in a book to celebrate Book Lover Day – we will then share stories at group times to support learning with literacy.  To round off the week, we will also be holding a Nursery Slumber Party on Friday 10th August, where all of the children are welcome to come dressed in their PJ’s with their teddy and favourite bed time story to share. 

Week Commencing 13th August

It’s all about summer relaxation and Pre-school will be taking part in outdoor yoga, whilst the Toddlers experience Thi Chi with Miss Tara.  Our Babies will be having a mixed week with baby yoga to relax to, accompanied by a bit of fun through Odd Sock Day on 13th August, Crazy Hair Day on 15th August and Odd Shoe Day on 17th August.  

Week Commencing 20th August to the end of August

Preparations will be underway for our second annual summer TOV Fest!  Preschool and Toddlers will be decorating their own t-shirts to wear for the festival (could we please ask children to bring a plain white top/t-shirt that can be decorated) as well as creating festival bracelets.  The Baby Room will be fashioning bright and colourful hats to don at the festival, as well as making some delicious treats for everyone to enjoy. 

Week Commencing 27th August

TOV Fest preparations will continue at the beginning of the week for any children who were on holiday in readiness for the festival to kick off with a bang on 29th August through to 31st August.  The children will be enjoying music, dancing and singing in the garden (weather permitting) and some of the Preschool children will be putting on a show on the main stage for the children to enjoy.  We will be wearing our festival t-shirts for the event so bring on your best hippie look to celebrate our summer party!  P.s – the MORE glitter the better!!