February 2017 Activities

Red hearts, white hearts, pink hearts too, I like purple hearts, how about you? Green hearts, yellow hearts, blue hearts too, I like rainbow hearts, how about you?


The theme for our under 3's in February is PEOPLE WE LOVE. As part of this, we have asked parents to bring in photographs of people who are special to their children. These will be used to create displays in the Toddler Room and used as a focal point for developing children's language skills. This will encourage children to use language as a powerful means of widening contacts, sharing feelings, experiences and thoughts (EYFS 22-36 months Communication and Language).

The Babies will be using their photo's of special people to create a photo album and flash cards of 'My Family'. Responds to the different things said when in a familiar context with a special person e.g. "Where's Mummy"? (EYFS 8-20 months Communication and Language).

Both Babies and Toddlers will be taking part in National Children's Dental Health Month to follow on as part of the health and self-care topic. The Toddler children will be using ICT resources to enhance their learning and we will be teaching the children the Brush Your Teeth song.

Pre-School will also be looking at 'People We Love' in celebration of St Valentine's Day. We will be creating cards to send home to our loved ones and looking at families as a whole. Again, Parents are invited to bring in family photos to create a family tree/who lives in my house display. Why not post them on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OVNursery/ and we will print them for you!

Pre-school will also be exploring the emotion of angry throughout the month.

To coincide with Pre-School's theme of 'Our World', the children will be looking at the environment as part of National Green Week. This will be further enhanced by the children going on several listening walks to listen to the natural world around them and will link to lessons in phonics.

Shrove Tuesday is on 28th February and the children will be creating homemade pancakes with a variety of yummy toppings.