February 2019 Activities

We enter the shortest month of the year but it is most certainly packed with plenty of learning opportunities and annual celebrations.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Our Nature Kindergarten children continue to enjoy the ever changing weather as we move through the Spring Term.  

Week Commencing 4th February

Nursery will be celebrating Chinese New Year throughout the week and each room will be creating art work for the 'Year of the Pig'.  

The Baby Room will be having a sensory experience playing in coloured noodles, whilst the Toddler and Preschool children practice their fine motor skills by using chopsticks to pick noodles up.  We will also be making Chinese flags and listening to traditional Chinese music.  

Official celebrations take place on 5th February and Nursery will be having a Chinese themed dinner and snack to taste the traditional cuisine of China.  

Week Commencing 11th February

Our theme throughout Nursery for the week will be 'People We Love'.  

The Toddler and Preschool children will be talking about special people they love at circle time.  Could we kindly ask parents to please print off any pictures to send in with your child so they can share them with their friends.  Following on from this, the children will be drawing pictures of those who are special to them - focusing on pencil grasp.  

The Baby Room will be taking part in making a Love Bug display and again we would ask parents to please send in photos of those who are special within the family to be used as display work.  

All rooms will be busy making Valentines cards and gifts to end home.  

Week Commencing 18th and 25th February

Preschool's topic will be 'People Who Live in our House' and we will continue to look at shapes through creating own houses using different resources and materials.  The children will be able to paint a picture of their bedroom and describe their home environment.  During circle time, we will be looking at different types of houses and also counting who lives in our house by drawing the people and pets we live with.  

Our Babies and Toddlers will be looking at music and sound.  The children will be making instruments to use, as well as promoting physical activity through dance whilst listening to lots of different types of music.  The Toddler Room will be trying to identify sounds that are from our local environment such as birds, animals and transportation.