Our Nature Kindergarten

Quality outdoor experiences are important to us and we are very fortunate to have the valuable resource of Witton Country Park on our nursery doorstep.

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About our Nature Kindergarten

What makes The Old Vicarage Nursery popular with parents is that we aim to make any arrangement work for all concerned, for you, your child and us. Through the addition of our Nature Kindergarten, we can now offer parents yet another avenue of play based learning which can contribute to and enrich the quality of your child's overall educational experience.

Our Nature Kindergarten will allow your child to take risks beyond the usual boundaries of the indoor environment, encouraging children to develop a strong sense of self-esteem. It promotes collaborative working, encouraging children to form new friendships and develops communication and problem-solving skills.

Your child will have their own unique experience as they are given the opportunity to instigate their own learning within the natural world. This will support children’s development across the seven areas of the early years foundation stage (EYFS) and the characteristics of effective teaching and learning. Our trained staff will champion the nature kindergarten ethos and will nurture your child as they unfold their own learning stories.

Quality outdoor experiences are important to us and we are very fortunate to have the valuable resource of Witton Country Park on our nursery doorstep. We have a dedicated indoor classroom at Witton Park for the children to use at each end of their outdoor session and to accommodate us in weather which makes it unsafe to be in the outdoors. We have access to all of Witton Park to explore and watch nature and the seasons change around us. This will help to fuel your child’s imagination, further develop language skills and give a true appreciation to our environment.

Under the supervision of a qualified Forest School Leader and Early Years educators, the children will be visiting the woodland areas of Witton Park throughout the year. They will gain knowledge and respect of the environment as well as towards themselves and their peers as the sessions progress. Through small achievable tasks in a stimulating environment, children are encouraged to be independent and develop social and behavioural management skills which will build self-esteem and confidence.

The activities the children undertake and the site itself will be risk assessed to ensure tasks are challenging but will not put any participants at risk of serious harm. However, it is assumed that at some point children may receive some minor injuries such as scratches, bruises and bumps from the ever-present woodland hazards. By experiencing what the woodland has to offer (stinging nettles, mud, tree stumps and branches), the children will learn what hurts and this will help them to judge and avoid injuries in later life.

The children’s safety and welfare is a priority but also is the opportunities of freedom to explore which is vital if children are to learn to take responsibility for themselves and others. High adult to child ratios ensure that children can stretch the boundaries of their learning and enable them to take risks that would not be possible in a traditional pre-school setting.


Parents are welcome to utilise Free Flexible Entitlement (FFE) funding for your child to cover the session costs.

Each 3 & 4 year old child is entitled to 15 hours per week (with working parents having the opportunity to apply for 30 hours per week) free childcare commencing from the term following their third birthday. Funding covers 38 weeks per annum to coincide with our term time calendar.

You can split your funded hours across two settings and therefore if your child attended 1 day per week (10 hours), the remaining 5 hours can be used elsewhere or added on to a second day at our outdoor nursery or traditional pre-school setting.

Fee example of 1 x full day session per week = £43.00 covered through FFE funding and the remaining ‘top up’ payment of £7.00 per week is payable direct from parents via bank transfer.

If you wish to ‘stretch’ your funded hours over a longer period of time, The Old Vicarage Nursery has the flexibility to offer your child a pre-school place, subject to availability, throughout the non term time period.

For working parents eligible for the new 30 hours funding, there is a variety of options available to extend and stretch your child’s funded sessions to ensure year round continuity of care and learning.

The Old Vicarage Nursery & Nature Kindergarten also accepts childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare payments.

Please contact The Old Vicarage to request your information pack.

Telephone : 01254 677 339

Email : sue.chadwick@theoldvicaragenursery.co.uk

Nature Kindergarten