Helping Endangered Species

We are the last generation that can do something about it.

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The Old Vicarage Nursery and The Old Vicarage Nature Kindergarten are now proud supporters of the World Wildlife Fund, having just adopted a sea turtle, polar bear, elephant and orangutan.

We look forward to sharing this with the children and expanding our knowledge of wildlife conservation and our responsibilities to nature and the planet. The children will name our adopted species and begin the journey of discovering about their habitats, how they survive and why they are needing our help.

Nursery has committed to a monthly donation to The World Wildlife Fund and we are delighted to play our part in helping these magnificent animals.

Animal Facts:

A polar bear's fur appears white or yellow but the hairs are really translucent - they reflect the full spectrum of light, which our eyes see as white. Their skin is black, but only the skin of their nose is visible.

Turtles were around more than 65 million years ago and lived alongside dinosaurs. Some prehistoric turtles reached gigantic sizes - the largest exceeded lengths of 5 metres and weighed more than 2,000kg.

A mother elephant will wrap her trunk around her calf for comfort. But if the calf misbehaves, a 'trunk slap' may be delivered. It takes a while for calves to learn how to use their trunks and in the first weeks of their lives they may tread and trip on them.

Some orangutans use tools like sticks to get ants or bees out of tree holes, or make 'glove' out of leaves when handling prickly fruits or branches. Some have been seen taking shelter from the sun or rain by holding twigs or leaves over their heads.

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