January 2019 Activities

Snowing, blowing January starts the year off cold, we say "hello" to the New Year now, and "goodbye" to the old.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

This month has seen the launch of our additional all day Nature Kindergarten sessions which now take place each Tuesday and Thursday during our term time calendar.  

Our theme for the month is winter.  

Week Commencing 7th January

In the Baby Room, the children will be taking part in winter sensory play such as ice cube printing, as well as adding winter clothing to the home corner so they can dress up ready for the outdoors.  Our Toddlers and Preschool children will be looking at arctic animals and their habitats.

Week Commencing 14th January

We will be focusing on mathematics throughout the week with the Babies exploring shapes, the Toddlers will be looking at a range of jigsaws to enhance their learning in shape and measurement within the EYFS.  The Toddlers and Preschool children will also be having a 'hunt the shape race' in the garden.....which room will find the most?!  Preschool will be looking at size and comparing the height through a measure your friend activity.

Week Commencing 21st January

In celebration of Australia Day, the Preschool children will be creating national flags and holding their annual surfing competition....totally dude!  All the children will be looking at opposites with the Toddler and Preschool rooms discovering differences between themselves and their friends i.e. hair, eye and skin colours and also creating self portraits to celebrate individuality.  The Baby room will be exploring the odd socks game as well as using mirrors to look at themselves and point out facial body parts.

Week Commencing 28th January

It's the Big Garden Bird Watch and throughout Nursery we will be making bird feeders and handmade binoculars to take part in a spot of bird watching.  We will also be honing our listening skills as we discover the variety of sounds different birds make.