January 20 Activities

Did you know that the Big Garden Birdwatch started out as an event for children? Back in 1979, the RSPB joined forces with BBC’s Blue Peter and it has grown from strength to strength ever since.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interest.

Week Commencing 30th December

Our Babies and Toddlers will be getting creative by making firework pictures to celebrate all the sparkle of the New Year.  Preschool will be rounding off Christmas by catching up with their friends and teachers talking about what we had for Christmas dinner and who we shared Christmas with, as well as drawing pictures of what Father Christmas brought us.  We will also be looking through all the photos uploaded from Parents on Tapestry to discuss at circle time.

Week Commencing 6th January

This week’s theme will be artic animals and winter.  Throughout nursery, the children will be creating different artic animals and taking part in sensory play with items from their habitat such as ice.  Preschool will be using the computer to watch artic animal in their natural habitats, as well as highlighting online safety.  The children will all be encouraged to get dressed for winter, discussing the items we need to keep warm throughout the change in season.  Our youngest children will be making winter collage pictures using different textures and cool winter colours. 

Week Commencing 13th January

This month’s Book of the Month is Jack and the Beanstalk and the children will be focusing on the story throughout the week with a variety of activities to bring the book to life using different mediums.  Preschool will be using mathematics to measure the beanstalk and compare sizes, together with both Preschool and Toddler Room using the story sack to encourage children in repeating refrains from the story itself.  The Baby Room will be growing their own ‘beanstalks’ using cress and having a sensory experience of planning seeds just like Jack. 

Parents, please feel free to add any posts on Tapestry of the story being read at home. 

Week Commencing 20th January

We will be celebrating Handwriting Day from the 20th - 22nd and throughout Nursery we will be holding Playdoh disco sessions to promote fine motor skills, together with opportunities to make marks in a range of ways. 

Burns Night is on 23rd January and the children are all invited to wear tartan on the day where we will be singing using a range of resources such as What’s in the Bag and Singing Spoons.  Nursery will also be holding a traditional “Burns Night” lunch for the children to enjoy with their friends, whilst listening to traditional Scottish music. 

January 24th is Australia Day and we will be creating Australian flags, going surfing and looking at famous Australian landmarks.  The children will also take part in a BBQ themed snack of homemade burgers which the children can help create with their teachers. 

Week Commencing 27th January

It’s bird watching week as the children take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2020.  We will be making bird feeders, going in the garden to spot and observe the different types of birds that visit us, as well as listening to the various sounds they make.  A variety of activities will run alongside this to include opportunities for the children to paint the different birds they spot to celebrate the differences between each one. 

As Chinese New Year falls on a weekend, the children will have the opportunity to celebrate the festival on 27th January by listening and dancing to traditional Chinese music, making flags, tracing symbols and paining the animal of the year which for 2020 is the year of the Rat.  We will also provide a traditional Chinese themed lunch and snack to give opportunities to try different foods from around the world.