July 2016 Activities

As the summer term draws to a close on 22nd July the children continue to explore the great outdoors and look to the sky as we welcome space as the main topic running throughout the month.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Week Commencing 4th July

This week the children will be invited to come to Nursery dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate American Independence Day on 4th July. The theme will carry on throughout the week with an American themed tea party with the children being introduced to country music to celebrate National Country Music Day.

As the topic for this month is space, the children will be creating their own aliens and junk modelling spaceships in recognition of World UFO Day.

Week Commencing 11th July

The children are invited to bring a bear to Nursery to join everyone for a picnic at Griffin Park. Lets hope the weather improves for the enjoyment of all.

On Tuesday 12th July the children will be making self-portraits to celebrate diversity.

Week Commencing 18th July

The Toddler children will be making Moon Cakes and the Pre-School children will be watching the 1969 moon landing to tie in links with our space topic for the month.

Week Commencing 25th July

This week the Babies will be taking a trip to the sensory room at Livsey Children's Centre.

The extended family will be celebrated this week with the 26th July being Aunts and Uncle Day. Family tree's will be sent home for parents to complete so the children can share their family pictures with their friends.

In recognition of the first ever finger print, the Baby and Toddler Rooms will be making finger/handprints and this will tie in with our monthly topic, together with the Pre-School children making a large scale junk model rocket out of recycled cardboard boxes.