March 2017 Activities

March is full of adventure and imagination in celebration of stories for World Book Day through to far off travels on the children's very own pirate ship to discover new cultures and places to visit.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Where do we even start?  There is a lot to pack into this very busy and creative month with celebrations and activities for all the children to enjoy and take part in :

2nd March is World Book Day and we will be looking at the book 'There's a Tiger in the Garden' by Lizzy Stewart. The children are welcome to come dressed as their favourite story book character and we will be making tiger masks and having afternoon tea in the garden (weather permitting) with balloons, music and dancing.  

During the week of 6th March and to extend the children's interests in books, we are holding our first ever Book Swap.  Please bring your swap choices in before Friday 3rd March and thereafter the children who have brought books in from home can visit the Book Swap Stall to chose their new stories to take home and enjoy.  

17th March is St Patrick's Day and the children are invited to wear green on the day.

Our Mother's Day lunches will be held on 20th, 22nd and 24th March.  If any of our lovely Mum's and/or Grandmother's would like to join us for lunch to celebrate how much you are appreciated, please reserve your place through the registration form located at the main reception door.  Limited spaces are available so early booking is recommended.  


Babies theme for the month of March will be 'Spring and Spring Animals'.  We will be painting baby lambs, chicks and bunnies for our displays to brighten up the dull grey skies outside in anticipation of warmer weather and renewal of a new spring season.  

We will also be encouraging the children to get active through music and movement to animal songs such as Old McDonald, Five Little Ducks and Sleeping Bunnies.  

Our heuristic area will be further enhanced with spring themed sensory bottles to encourage the children to explore new objects.

Additional seasonal creative activities will include making clover collages for St Patrick's Day and special Mother's Day cards to be sent home.  


Toddler's theme for the month of March will be 'On the Farm'.  

We will be creating a small world farm to include natural objects found on the farm such as straw, hay, sawdust, eggs, feathers and mud.  The children will be investigating farm animals, the noises they make, where they live, what they eat and what they provide us with e.g. milk and eggs, as well as creating a matching game to match the animal to the fur/skin it belongs to.  

The children will be identifying animals and their babies to gain an understanding of big and little and counting groups of animals such as mummy pig and how many babies she has.  Farm sounds will be introduced through an interactive ‘Who Am I’ game which can also be linked to our farm ‘hide and seek’ in the garden so the children can find familiar objects in a fun and educational way. 

We will be encouraging the children to get active through music and movement to animal songs and rhymes such as Farmer in the Den, Old McDonald and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. 

Creative activities will include making paper plate animal masks, wooly sheep, collaging with natural farm materials and making special Mother's Day cards.  

A Wellie Walk is planned for 13th March to Witton Park to visit the animals and feed the ducks.  


Pre-School's theme for the month of March will be 'Pirates'. 

As part of Dentist Day on Monday 6th March, the children will be talking about their own experiences of going to the dentist.  Dentists aren’t the most popular people in the world but without them, our smiles might not be as bright.  This is an ideal opportunity to let the children take part in brushing activities and reinforce the importance of good oral health. 


Pre-School will be creating our very own pirate ship using boxes and sheets with different materials, as well as crafting flags and telescopes.  If Parents have any spare large sheets or boxes you no longer need that you would like to upcycle, the children would very much appreciate these. 


The children will sail off on their pirate ship to visit Ireland to celebrate the Irish culture, looking at their accents, music, creating flags, potato printing and of course wearing green for St Patrick’s Day on Friday 17th March.    


Pre-School’s pirate ship will then set sail to Spain to investigate the Spanish culture through trying new foods, creating Spanish flags and recreating their famous flamenco dance.


To round off the children’s sailing adventures, their pirate ship will dock in America to discover the many different States that make up the USA, looking at famous landmarks and of course creating flags of their travels. 

Pre-School will also be involved in making special Mother's Day keepsakes for our fabulous Nursery Mum's!