May 2017 Activities

Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.

Flower Pot Babies

All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Welcome back everyone following a very busy spring term.  Our latest newsletter has been released giving a quick round up of highlights from the last term, together with key dates taking place throughout the summer term, particularly for our graduating pre-school class of 2017.  

Our parent questionnaires will be issued in May and we would very much appreciate your co-operation in completing the survey as we value your feedback and opinions to help us improve our practice throughout all aspects of nursery.  

It's Walk to School Week 15th-19th May and the children will be learning about road safety as we encourage our parents and children to walk to Nursery.  

Fruity Friday will be on 19th May where the children will be making fruit kebabs, delicious smoothies and encouraged to try new fruits, together with making individual pieces of artwork through fruit printing.  

What's going on in Pre-School in May.........

The children are looking at letters in their own names.  A variety of activities are planned to help the children practice letter writing and improve their letter recognition skills.  

Our Show and Tell week in April was a big hit so we shall be doing it again in May.  The children will be invited to bring in an item of interest to encourage and support communication and confidence.  

As part of Understand the World, we will be planting and growing a variety of plants.  This will allow the children to care for, watch and comment on their progress.  From this, our outdoor explorer sessions will commence where the children will have opportunities to sing and dance around the camp circle.  

What's going on in the Toddler Room in May........

The children's topic for the months is Transport.  Through a variety of activities, we will link this topic to learning and here are just a few examples of what we have planned for the children to enjoy :

Junk modelling - creating vehicles with up-cycled cardboard boxes, cartons and lids.

Road safety - the children will be taking a trip to Griffin Park road area to begin to recognise road danger and look for support from adults.

Creating tracks for cars and trains through the medium of paint and mud to make individual pictures.  

Lets makes airplanes!  The children will be able to fly and display their creations around the room. 

At circle time the children will talk about how we get to Nursery, how we arrive at holiday destinations and outings at the weekend as well as singing/learning songs such as 'The Wheels on the Bus'.  

Our Toddler Car Wash will be open for business as well which we are sure the children will absolutely love.

What's going on in the Baby Room in May.......

It's Mathematical May for our Babies where they begin to discover that things exist, even when out of sight and develop an awareness of number names through their enjoyment of action rhymes and songs that relate to their experience of numbers.  

As it's still springtime, we will be looking at what fresh vegetables are in season to experience new tastes and textures.  

We will also be doing lots of singing and musical movement for the Babies to enjoy.