November 2018 Activities

We move into a busy November filled with a variety of activities from annual celebrations, fund raising for those in need & most importantly to remember those who so bravely served their country.


All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Week Commencing 5th November

To celebrate Bonfire Night, the Baby Room will be taking part in body painting to look at different colours and explore marks left by movement.  Baby Room’s holistic box of the month will be firework themed with the children making shakers using a variety of materials to discover the different sounds fireworks make.  The Preschool and Toddler rooms will be getting creative in making firework pictures in a variety of ways.  The children will also be focusing on fire safety and we are hoping for a visit from our local Fire Service team with their fire engine. 

Remembrance Ceremony : To mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the Toddler and Preschool children will take part in a poppy/wreath laying ceremony in the garden on Friday 9th November. During the ceremony, the children will try their very best to observe a minute’s silence to remember those who served their country.  If any parents of our Friday morning children would like to attend for a poppy making Stay and Play and to attend our Remembrance Ceremony, please notify Miss Cat in advance. The Stay and Play will be from 9.45am until approximately 11.10am following the conclusion of the poppy ceremony.

Week Commencing 12th November

It’s Recycling Week for our Toddler and Preschool children.  The Toddler Room will be making their own recycling bin to promote a more ecological approach to our paper waste in Nursery whilst Preschool learn about where our recycling goes and what happens to it.  Our theme for the month of November is ‘People Who Help Us’ and the Babies will be exploring job roles through role play and small world activities.

Children in Need 2018:  Throughout the week Nursery will be “Doing Our Thing” in aid of raising money for this very worthwhile cause.  We will be having a Great British Nursery Bake Off where all three rooms will go head to head to see who can raise the most money so please join in!  Baby Room Bake Off Day is Monday the 12th, Toddler Room is Tuesday the 13th and Preschool will be Wednesday the 14th.  We will also be having a ‘guess how many marshmallows in jar’ competition at £1 a guess, together with holding the ‘Annual duck Race Sweepstake’.  16th November will be our PJ day and we ask that parents make a small donation at drop off for taking part. 

Week Commencing 19th November

Throughout our Nursery Rhyme Week, Preschool learning new rhymes and singing some firm favourites in readiness for their talent show on the Friday.  The Toddler children will be listening to audio songs/short stories of various nursery rhymes and we would kindly ask our Toddler parents to please bring in one sock for your child to create their own nursery rhyme puppet.  The Babies will be joining in with singing throughout the week and making their own nursery rhyme wooden spoon prop to take home. 

Thanksgiving : On 22nd November, Nursery will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Each room will be making a range of turkey hats to wear for our annual Thanksgiving dinner.  The Baby and Toddler rooms will be having sensory/mark making play in traditional apple pie, whilst the Preschool children create their own ‘thankful’ tree to explore what and who they are thankful of.

Week Commencing 26th November

It’s Road Safety Week and our Toddler and Preschool children will be taking a trip to Griffin Park to play on the road park.  We will be testing our listening skills by playing ‘stop and go’ and Preschool will be learning about the Green Cross Code and how important it is to stay safe when near roads.  The Toddlers will be making traffic light pictures and learning about the green and red man.  Our Babies will be playing with the large transport indoors and outdoors throughout the week as well as making track marks with various forms of transport.  

St Andrew’s Day : Nursery will be celebrating St Andrew’s Day on 30th November.  The children will be making Scottish flags and dancing to bag pipe music.