October 2020 Activities

It's a different kind of Halloween this year for everyone but we will still make it fun and memorable for all of the children.

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All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interest.

Week Commencing 5th October

We invite the children on Friday 9th October to come dressed in yellow in support of World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10thOctober.

Throughout the week we will be taking part in a variety of activities to extend learning for the children through exploration of our range of emotions. The Baby Room will be exploring the mirrors and the different faces we can make, whilst the Toddler and Preschool children will be using the emotion ball to look at different emotions and also to see if they can name any of them.

We will be highlighting the need for some quiet time each day by taking part in small group activities such as yoga or a story. The children will also focus on and highlight how we can be kind to others and look after someone if they are feeling sad.

Week Commencing 12th October

In celebration of World Space Week, the children will be crafting their own rockets and aliens as well as looking at the differences in light and dark through fun activities using torches.

Another great way to expand our knowledge of the universe is to go on a moon walk within our local environment which enhance our gross motor movements as well as collecting some natural autumn resources for our sensory baskets.

Weeks Commencing 19th October and 26thOctober

Halloween is coming! This year we have had to adapt our normal spooky celebrations in order to keep our numbers of children as small as possible. Instead of our annual Halloween party on just one day, we will be doing a variety of themed crafts, baking and sensory play during the week of 19th October to enable our term time only children to take part before they leave us for the half term break.

All through the half term week of 26th October, our themed activities will continue such as making monster ice fingers, mummy biscuits and pumpkin carving, and we invite the children to come dressed up in their Halloween costumes throughout the week in the lead up to Halloween itself.

Enjoy Halloween everyone and stay safe!