September 2016 Activities

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower and is the year's last loveliest smile.

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All of our activities will be running alongside children's individual interests.

Welcome to the start of the autumn term and we hope everyone had a wonderful summer break.


Our Babies will be joining in with Nursery topic led activities which are age appropriate throughout the month. The children will be using predicted interests like autumn and child led interest to encourage learning through play.

The Babies will also be exploring sensory baskets that have been created using an autumn theme with pine cones, wooden rings, ribbons and shells which will be used to encourage your baby's curiosity and love of natural exploration.


The overall theme for the month is 'All About Me'.

Throughout the week of 5th September the children will be getting active through Using Our Bodies with the garden being set up with large physical play equipment to challenge children's gross motor development. To run alongside these activities, the practitioners will assist the children in creating large scale art through body painting, together with making ginger bread people to discover where their eyes, nose and mouth are located.

9th September is our Teddy Bear Day and we encourage you to send your child with your favourite teddy or cuddly friend to share in some of our much loved stories at circle time.

The week of 12th September sees the children focusing on Our Senses. Different sensory play will take place to encourage exploration and build upon personal and social skills, together with sensory baskets to develop language skills through association and introducing new words.

12th September is Math's Day and the Toddlers will be using counting bears to encourage the beginnings of writing some number names in sequence.

15th September see the Toddlers taking park in a Welly Walk out and about at Witton Park collecting natural resources to introduce to our sensory bin.

The week of 19th September in centered around My Family and the children will be encouraged to talk about who lives at their house, as well as having the opportunity to share family photo's which will be used to make a new book in our reading corner.

To round off the month, At Home will finish off the last week of 26th September with the focus being self-care. We will be using the resources in our home corner to promote dressing ourselves and setting up our role play to encourage children to engage in imaginative role play based on first-hand experience.


The overall theme for this month is 'Lets Get Physical', reinforcing the importance of healthy eating and understanding how our bodies work to stay active and healthy.

The start of the autumn term see the children making homemade pizza's to enjoy with a choice of healthy toppings on 5th September.

A trip to Hancock Street Children's Centre library sees the children getting out and about on 6th September to support a developing love of stories, followed by Literacy Day on the 8th where story sacks will be used to enhance the experience.

9th September is our Teddy Bear Day and we encourage you to send your child with your favourite teddy or cuddly friend to share in some of our much loved stories at circle time.

For National Positive Thinking Day on 13th September, we will be celebrating by focussing on activities that promote positive self-image. These will include circle time discussions, looking at ourselves in the mirror and discussing similarities and differences that make us unique, together with creating self-portraits.

In honour of Play-Doh Day on 16th September, the children will be taking part in our Play-Doh Gym which develops and strengthens fine and gross motor skills through creative squishy activities set to music. This sounds like lots of fun!!!!

On 21st September, the garden will be turned into our own mini golf course as another fun way to get our bodies moving and active in the great outdoors.

To round off the month, 28th September is National Good Neighbour Day and the children will be talking about kindness and people who help one another.