The first years of your child's development is extremely important and we strongly believe that a child's work is in their play.

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All activities are aimed at providing a fun, enjoyable and play based theme through a range of heuristic play, music, dancing, singing, crafts, painting and colouring to name but a few. All rooms and activities are designed and planned with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in mind.

The homely and secure surroundings of all the rooms give your child a happy and fulfilling experience during their early years. We have an array of safe educational toys, equipment for drawing, painting, writing, sand and water play which is freely available throughout each day to encourage independent choice.

We also offer outdoor learning sessions to pre-school aged children through our Nature Kindergarten which can compliment your child's traditional pre-school education.  Outdoor learning is an inspirational experience which uses the environment as a tool to develop children’s emotional, personal and social skills.  It is an innovative educational approach of playing and learning in a safe woodland environment through hands-on learning experiences.

During your child’s time with The Old Vicarage Nursery they will also receive special visits from outside professionals including animal handlers, health visitors, dental hygienists, doctors, nurses, road safety personnel, police, fire service and farmers. All of these visits are to help your child gain knowledge and understanding of the world.

We strive to make our nursery a caring, happy and safe environment where your child is respected, can learn, develop and have fun. Together with you, we hope this will give your child an exceptional start in the learning process that will prepare them for school and beyond.

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