In The Nursery

Children's work is their play. Children learn from everything they do.

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Our Curriculum

At The Old Vicarage we follow a structure of learning, development and care for the children through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we embrace this wholeheartedly from activities, resources and staff training through to policies, procedures and management. The EYFS seeks to ensure we provide a level of care which means parents can be confident your child will receive a quality experience that supports their learning and development.

As parents, you need to know what to expect in relation to your child's development through the different age bands of the EYFS. The attached document 4Children ParentsGuide, supported by The Department for Education, is a simple guide which takes parents through the expectations of each age band in the EYFS and how you can support your children's learning and development.

Settling Into Nursery Life

All children have different ways of coping with a new environment, new adults and new friends. Some will run off eagerly while others may be a little more reserved and need additional support. We will sympathetically support your child through these transitions which will help to build confidence and reassurance for not only your child but also you, the parent. We encourage parents to ask questions and discuss your child's needs as much as possible. If it means something to you, it will mean something to us.

Parent Partnerships

We recognise the importance of working in true partnership with our parents and we endeavour to build the very best relationship with the parents and carers of all the children who attend nursery. We strongly believe in an open door policy and we will always welcome parent's comments and observations so we can work together to provide the right balance for your child. Throughout your child's time at The Old Vicarage Nursery our practitioners will observe and monitor your child's progress and record this in their Learning Journey. You are most welcome to view this at any time and parents are encouraged to attend one of our Parent Evenings or Parent Pop In sessions held throughout the year.

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